Cilla Whitcher has been cooking since the age of 8!

She had 2 uncles that were Master Mess Chefs in the military and she was influenced by their knowledge and skill. So, she learned early on in life how to cook well and for a lot of people.

She says: “I can taste food in my mind, which is what makes a great cook.” Plenty of satisfied customers who have enjoyed her cooking and dessert creations for over 19 years can attest to the fact that she is, indeed a “great cook”!

As a Jacksonville, Florida native, Cilla was already well versed in Southern cooking and hospitality. She instinctively knew how to cook well and achieve a great party but she wanted to know more.

She decided to polish her already superior cooking skills by spending a year and ½ in France, where she trained in a traditional French Bakery. This experience allowed her to broaden her dessert preparation and cooking talents.

With gourmet skills folded into her down-home approach fresh ingredients, she created the perfect recipe for her version of Southern Fusion catering. Her Traveling Treats business was actually started by her willingness to help her clients when she was their trainer. Her clients were all professional working women who lead VERY busy lives with very little spare time on their hands.  They were aware of her personal reputation as a good cook and asked if she was willing to bring dinner for their families on the days that she came to workout with them. They recognized that she knew fitness and healthier ways to eat and sought nutritious food rather than fast food solutions. Word of mouth spread quickly and Traveling Treats was born!!

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